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Yirgacheffe: Enchanting Elixir
Sidamo: Flavorful Harmony
Harrar: Epicurean Expedition
Cuptrio House Blend: A Masterful Mélange
Drip Coffee Bag Collection: Instant Aroma, Anywhere
Yirgacheffe: Enchanting Elixir
Harrar: Epicurean Expedition
Yirgacheffe: Enchanting Elixir
Sidamo: Flavorful Harmony
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First-Grade Coffee Beans

Discover the unique flavor profiles of our specialty, first-grade coffee beans, carefully chosen just for you.

Roasted To Perfection

Our beans are slow-roasted to a precise art, balancing the rich taste and aroma to create a coffee experience like no other.

Directly Sourced From The Farmers

We're all about authenticity and freshness. That's why we directly source our beans from the farmers, supporting their communities while ensuring you the finest cup of coffee.
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People usually go crazy for these four


Espresso's perfect partner, creamy gelato.

The zesty shot

Espresso meets citrus surprise.


Cool, sweet, and wonderfully frothy

Espresso tonic

Sparkling twist on your usual espresso.